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SIGA : For Health Insurance

SIGA is a solution for the digitization of the health insurance value chain between insurance companies, health services providers and policyholders. It helps also to fight againts health insurance fraud.

The Information System for Insurance Management (SIGA) for health services is an end to end solution that answers the needs of the health insurance industry. SIGA allows to securely digitalize the insurance claim handling processes and value chain.
SIGA allows also to fight efficiently againts insurance fraud and equips the health services providers (hospital, clinic, pharmacy..) with the required digital infrastructure.
For more information about digital transformation for insurance companies: read our white papers

The features of SIGA are:

  • Fight against fraud and continuous improvement of the health claim handling process (security, privacy, data access control)
  • Simplified, intuitive and secure management of contracts for Businesses and Individuals
  • Dashboard for cash management and categorization of expenses
  • Dashboard for geolocation of insurance partner services providers
  • Activation / deactivation of service providers, contracts, policyholders etc.
  • Application Maintenance with Services Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Data security: separate insurance companies database in SAAS mode
  • Digitization of claim handling processes (pharmacy, care sheets, support)
  • Dashboard for the follow up of  S/P (Sinister/ Policy) indicator

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  • Geolocation and update of the list of services providers
  • Local management of claims
  • Digitization of old claims (archives)
  • Simplified claims workflow validation
  • Dashboard for contract management
  • Digitization of the medical care process

More Options

  • Financial forecast dashboard
  • Local IS development to take into account the specific needs of the insurance company
  • Sending of automated alert SMS for the renewal of policyholder contracts
  • Chatbot, Messaging Insurer / Provider
  • Enhanced fraud management (NFC, smart cards, post authentication, log management, cyber security …)

  • Enterprise customer account view (S/P, addition of beneficiaries, renewal of contracts)
  • Private individual customer view (refund follow-up, contract renewal …)
  • Database backup
  • Additional storage capacity (archiving> 1 year)