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The first wave of digital transformation saw the digitization of paper, which was massively used in the health sector. From physical, the storage of information has become digital. The second revolution is under way and will significantly improve the way of working and the interactions between the various actors in the field. The benefits are numerous:

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  • Providing new services to users so that they have their personal data and the information they need to act on their health.
  • Appearance of new tools that are secure, interoperable, making it easier for professionals to practice and strengthen their coordination. Development of dematerialized prescriptions, strengthening of telemedicine for doctors and development of telehealth for paramedical professionals.

  • Efficiency of processes and a more systematic and homogeneous data collection process (using connected objects)


Finally in the near future, digital will benefit from Artificial Intelligence in the field of health while ensuring a high level of security and confidentiality of personal data.

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